NexLube Tampa LLC is a Florida-based company operating out of Boca Raton Florida. NexLube opened in February 2010. The company will develop a used oil re-refining plant in Tampa Florida and plans to develop additional plants in strategically underserved markets. NexLube will secure a long-term deep water port site lease with Tampa Port Authority, complete a technology license with Viscolube / Axens and obtain all environmental permits within 2010. NexLube will seek long-term agreements for supply of raw materials and for off-take agreements. NexLube is on schedule to begin plant operations in 2012.

NexLube is one of the companies at the heart of the American green revolution, with a mission to recycle used oil. And not just recycle it once: Currently, used oil is most often consumed as a boiler fuel. NexLube, using what EPA calls the “best use” of used oil (re-refining), takes used oil produced from automobile oil changes and re-refines it for use as a motor oil that is equal or superior to any that can be found in the market today. However, re-refined oil can be recycled many times.

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