Laço Management Participações, Consultoria e Assessoria de Investmentos Ltda., a Brazilian private equity firm, with offices in São Paulo, Brazil, focuses on sourcing investments in South America. The Company provides comprehensive financial, operational and logistic support to the senior management of companies that comprise our South American investment portfolio. Laço Management seeks to invest in companies poised to become industry-leaders in agriculture, energy, real estate and retail. Laço Management works closely with company management to create and support long-term sustainable business growth by providing access to global financial resources, optimal capital structure and operational efficiencies through vertical integration of specific business models. Laço Management seeks long-term relationships with operationally independent partners by committing its own capital alongside that of partner company senior management’s. Laço Management operates as a global investment firm whose corporate culture integrates strategic local knowledge and business practices to facilitate value creation throughout South America.


Samples of our portfolio investments include:


Torp (San Pedro Development) - Luxury Vacation Homes - 


A Pizziaria - Gourmet Pizza - 


• Fazenda Santa Francisca do Camanducaia - Agriculture -





  • longfellow Engery
  • TransAtlantic
  • Viking Drilling
  • Viking International
  • Nexlube used oil-refining and blending plant
  • DELEA Partners LP
  • LACO Management
  • Longfellow Ranches
  • Stocktons Entertainment
  • Gundem Resort Hotel
  • Big Eagle Luxury Yacht
  • PINION Foundation
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