Investment Philosophy: Riata seeks companies to which its management can add value beyond just financial investment, often by taking an active board role and working alongside team-based management to build stronger companies. We believe that a company's management incentive program should be aligned with its investors to create and grow value through shared vision, innovation, and execution of its business plan. Riata's management is best described as "managed entrepreneurship". After the vision, strategy and business plan is determined, Riata empowers the company's management to execute the day-to-day operations. Riata does not acquire businesses solely with a predetermined exit strategy; rather, it focuses on the initial investment strategy to ensure solid returns to its investors regardless of exit events.


Investment Criteria: Riata seeks a diverse portfolio of companies, investment stage and industry. Depending on investment stage and risk profile, Riata prefers to initially invest between $1 million and $10 million and is able to be the lead investor or co-investor in deals ranging from $5 million to $50 million. Riata often prefers to hold a significant ownership in portfolio companies and will typically have representation on the Board of Directors that reflects its ownership; therefore, Riata expects to spend significant time and resource evaluating each of its investment opportunities. Riata will generally seek investments which have the following set of preferred attributes:


Employs an experienced management team having direct 

ownership in the company.


Controls a defensible breakthrough or enabling technology that has risk-adjusted potential for above-market returns on investment or other targeted benefits.


Delivers products or services to large stable markets with sustainable growth rates.


Exhibits potential for gains in productivity, cost reductions, and market expansions.


Ability to distribute predictable cash flow to investors.  

  • longfellow Engery
  • TransAtlantic
  • Viking Drilling
  • Viking International
  • Nexlube used oil-refining and blending plant
  • DELEA Partners LP
  • LACO Management
  • Longfellow Ranches
  • Stocktons Entertainment
  • Gundem Resort Hotel
  • Big Eagle Luxury Yacht
  • PINION Foundation
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