Dalea Partners is a U.S. based private equity firm with offices in Addison, Texas. Its committed investment team seeks to generate above average returns over the long-term for investors from a global investment portfolio. Dalea Partners’ portfolio of investment is comprised of traditional and non-traditional investments across numerous industry sectors and economies. The Company’s in house due diligence team enables capital to be deployed quickly and effectively once an investment is identified. Portfolio company management may be provided with legal, financial and operational assistance to further ensure the targeted return on investment is achieved. Dalea Partners seeks out opportunities to invest alongside corporate management in companies positioned to become dynamos within their respective industries. By investing in companies capable of maintaining a durable competitive advantage, Dalea Partners is able to achieve its goal of creating value for investors in the immediate and long-term.

Samples of our portfolio company investments include:

Authentix - Anti-counterfeiting and Security - www.authentix.com

NuCapital - Wind Energy / Caribbean, Central and South America - www.nucapital.nl

Immunobio Sciences Inc. - Vaccine - Antigen Development - www.immunobiosciences.com

360º Electrical - Electrical Devices - www.360electrical.com


  • longfellow Engery
  • TransAtlantic
  • Viking Drilling
  • Viking International
  • Nexlube used oil-refining and blending plant
  • DELEA Partners LP
  • LACO Management
  • Longfellow Ranches
  • Stocktons Entertainment
  • Gundem Resort Hotel
  • Big Eagle Luxury Yacht
  • PINION Foundation
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